Fenix Connect

Fenix Connect

€ 2134,00 incl. VAT

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The Fenix Connect is shown here in combination with an eSafe 'Smartpanel' (not included in the price) equipped with a Bticino camera and code keyboard.

When someone rings at the door, you get a message via the Bticino App and you can open the parcel compartment remotely. Besides the smart panel with videophone and the app, an indoor unit that sends the Wi-Fi signal to the app also needs to be provided.

By using the videophone to deliver the parcels, we achieve an aesthetic integration of mailbox, parcel box, videophone and smart doorbell. The videophone and the keypad can still be used to open a gate or door. If a smart videophone is already provided or another brand is desired, all you need to do is make a connection with the electronic lock.

Ability to open remotely via the Smartphone
Equipped with a separate box for letters
Integration of videophone, smart doorbell, letterbox and package box
Made from stainless aluminum
High-quality, rust-free textured coating
Compatible with most smart videophones and code keypads
Electric lock


  • Width
    270 mm
  • Depth
    400 mm
  • Height
    1240 mm
  • Max package size
    750x330x210 mm

Technical info