Dropbox Medium

Dropbox Medium

€ 1041,00 incl. VAT

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Just like in the Fenix Top models, parcels and mail are delivered from the top of the box. In this way, the volume is optimally used and there’s a universal design that fits in with every type of home.

Since the Dropbox Medium opens from the front, you can easily place it against the wall or a hedge. The ‘Small’ version opens at the back for the sleekest possible look.

Parcel volume = clothes, electronics, shoes, ...

Door at the front
Delayed closing mechanism
Shock-absorbing foam
Made from stainless aluminum
High-quality, rust-free textured coating
Drop flap


  • Width
    537 mm
  • Depth
    270 mm
  • Height
    985 mm
  • Max package size
    375x480x160 mm

Technical info